PROPOSAL #2:Uniswap V3 47.5% / PancakeSwap 30% / Honeyswap 22.5%

Distribute between the most popular networks and preferably to a stablecoin pair.

  • Uniswap V3 [Ethereum Network] 47.5%
    Fess 0.3%
    Unlimited price range
    The most popular DEX on the Ethereum Network.
  • PancakeSwap [Binance Smart Chain] 30%
    On the BSC network, users prefer BUSD, it seems more logical to provide liquidity to the BUSD pair than DAI.
  • Honeyswap [xDAI Chain] 22.5%
    As long as Hoprnet is powered by xDai, it is a good idea to provide some liquidity.


Why Fees 0.3% (Uniswap V3)
For Uniswap V3, most stablecoin-token pairs opt for 0.3% fees.
The HOPR Association strongly recommends 0.3%
0.3% is a good choice :]

Why unlimited price range and Uniswap V3.
Since the goal is to provide liquidity, not earnings, an unlimited range is needed.

Of course this duplicates Uniswap V2, but it makes no sense to stay on the old version, already on V3 there is enough DAI liquidity (DAI-ETH, DAI-USDC, DAI-USDT) so that DAI-HOPR can exchange well.

The new Uniswap V3 options will work for other, smaller, liquidity providers.

Why there are only 3 exchanges.

Fewer networks will save time by the Hopr developer.

Any other networks most likely do not have unique users that could be attracted.

It is doubtful that HOPR exchange is needed on other networks right now. Users of other networks can transfer stablecoins to one of these three and buy HOPR.


Thanks to @Xionnngan for this proposal!

You can see the original proposal and discussion here.

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At the agreement of the authors, @Xionnngan and @octo44, this proposal has been combined with PROPOSAL #8. Both proposals nominated the same exchanges and similar percentages. To avoid splitting support, the two proposals will be combined, and the percentages averaged. This resulted in a small (2.5%) shift in Uniswap and Honeywap allocations for each proposal. The figures have been updated in each proposal.

To avoid complicating the incentive calculation, both proposals will remain live. You can sign either proposal. Signing both will only count as one signature. If you previously supported this but now disagree with the adjusted percentages, you can remove your support by contacting me.