Referendum result

Thanks to everyone who participated in the referendum phase by signing one or more proposals. 267 people participated in the end, so the 20% threshold to reach the vote phase was 54 signatures.

Here are the results:

Proposal #2: 92 signatures

Proposal #8: 88 signatures

Proposal #3: 58 signatures

Proposal #6: 52 signatures

Proposal #11: 50 signatures

Proposal #5: 41 signatures

Proposal #4: 39 signatures

Proposal #1: 31 signatures

Proposal #10: 26 signatures

Proposal #13: 26 signatures

Proposals 2 and 8 are being considered together. We still need to remove and duplicates to calculate the final signature count, but since both proposals passed the threshold, it definitely proceeds to the next phase.

Proposal 3 also gathered enough signatures to reach the next phase.

No other proposals met the threshold, so in accordance with the DAO rules, the third-highest scoring proposal will advance, to ensure there are a minimum of three proposals to vote for. That’s Proposal #6.

The vote will begin on May 25th at approximately 2pm CET. The vote page can be found here: Snapshot

More information about the vote phase can be found on our blog here.