PROPOSAL 3: Grow the HOPR Hardware Node Network

Yes, yes, yes!

That’s a good idea.
I’ll support you.

A good suggestion for the HOPR ecosystem to grow with solid steps.

The expansion of nodes will give Hopr strong growth. i like this suggestion

Avado is essentially an adapted DappNode cover with technical support. I tried to install DappNode on my PC and install the Hopr node via ipfs, but I couldn’t. There is a lack of technical support and an understandable guide. It would be very cool if the Hopr team were to scale together with DappNode. We need a guide on how to install a Hopr node on your PC using DappNode software or a working PC already with a configured system :computer:

In agreements with other partners, some Hopr tokens can be given free of charge, as in Avado, to those who purchase hardware hardware. These tokens must be used for network traffic and must be untradable.

nice I like the advice

The more nodes we get, better. When the network launches it will send a great message about the community’s support.

This is a very good point and worth propagating through hopr’s media channels. Such diversity would be very beneficial and people may not be aware of this. Great point and good reason to have partnerships with a variety of hardware providers but running your own hardware should always be an option which to date, I have found to be very easy and straight forward…not without it’s hiccups but no real issues either.