PROPOSAL 3: Grow the HOPR Hardware Node Network

With the imminent launch of cover traffic, it will be important to have a robust network of hardware nodes. We already have a successful partnership with AVADO, which we would love to build on, but we’re also considering collaboration with other hardware node providers.

This proposal would use HOPR tokens to fund incentives and promotions with AVADO and future partners such as DappNode (who we have already reached out to and begun talks with).


I missed the last joint action with Avado and I really regret it. I will be happy to participate if there are similar ones in the future, especially given the generosity of the association and incentive measures. I like this suggestion.


Good afternoon. Thanks for the suggestion, I like your idea

Sounds great

More hardware providers would be pretty useful, more choice is never a bad thing.


good one!

exactly - and it’s not just about more choices it’s also about making the network more resilient by having more diversity in hardware, operating systems and operators.


I like this proposal, I would gladly get an AVADO if there was some small discount / promotion associated with the purchase. Unfortunately I missed the previous promotion for hopr avado

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Ah right, I understand! Of course you are seeing things from that angle!

I really like the proposal. I think a lot of the people missed out on the earlier option with Avado and hence there is demand. It is also good for HOPR network security as you add more folks with a real investment in hardware that supports the network,

Agree fully, the more nodes online the better.

Great idea to take the hardware layer out of the development.

It will increase the adoption rate.

Agreed. While I appreciate Avado I think the price points for their hardware make for a more difficult entry for some potential node runners.

I’ve been looking at other projects with similar hardware requirements and the one that stands out is Helium. They have a range of hardware developers and all are offered at a significantly lowered price. I assume this is because they’re able to focus purely on a single network (as opposed to Avado’s approach).

Right now its more economic to build your own node, but considering how low our hardware requirements actually are I would guess hardware developed for purpose would be significantly cheaper than Avado can offer, probably as much as 50% cheaper.

Since I wrote this I’ve been made aware that Avado have a Hopr specific branded node (I can’t seem to access this through the Avado website, only by finding the direct link on the Hopr site), so bear in mind I was talking about the more expensive Avado nodes when I made this statement.


This is one of the best deals. The ability to collaborate with other hardware node vendors will provide greater stability.

Looks good! :+1:t3:

Great idea :) I have an avado node already, but having more option can get more ppl in to the node side of the project. more nodes = better security and stability of the network. We all remember what happened to solana network just recently, nowhere close to decentralization.

Sounds a good idea, but how about first expanding the AVADO network. HOPR has already laid its foundation on AVADO, but not many people have it yet. We need to promote AVADO more.

This is super important for the overall decentralized strategy. HOPR can use the Helium model, they have built a massive LoRaWan network using 5 or 6 authorized (miners) node providers. I think the key to getting a hardware network established is a model that starts by incentivising people to buy nodes and set them up in an efficient way, i.e. get rewarded for that, even before cover traffic starts. We need to make sure these nodes can also support other projects, and be sufficiently powerful to do both. Being able to support the HOPR mission, while also earning from other projects will ultimately drive the growth of the hardware network.

I agreed with this idea. For our decentralize network and privacy.