[Proposal 3 - NO] Allocate the $$ to SWPR to gain more Carrot rewards

We need more liquidity on Gnosis Chain because that’s where HOPR is running.
Uniswap, despite my criticisms, is probably the most reliable DEX out there, and is the #1 of its genre.

However, we already have a LOT of liquidity on Uniswap.

And SWPR provides interesting yield if we reach the $1m cap. See An update from Swapr

I’d move the $500,00 liquidity to SWPR, see [Proposal 2 - YES - $1m] HOPR runs on Gnosis Chain - Swapr is more decentralized and OSS friendly

HOPR’s current market cap is just shy of $10M so can the team advise whats in the coffers following the original launch and subsequent staking / liquidity experiments. Without this information how can we decide the amount of cash that is to be used without understanding the risks.

I think it’s safe to consider the money they have put at our disposal for these proposals to spread in the various DEX are safe to use without compromising the existing Uniswap Liquidity.

But yes it’s a fair point.

Great Stuff, thanks for sharing the knowledge