Proposal: 33% PancakeSwap, 33% HoneySwap, 34% UniV3

Proposal: 33% BSC, 33% xDAI, 34% ETH Mainnet

Liquidity should be spread across DEX for different purposes:

  • marketing: getting new people get to know HOPR, buy it and ultimately run nodes
  • low transaction fees for small transactions
  • low slippage for big transactions (whales)

An important condition when choosing a Chain is to have a reliable existing bridge to xDAI where we run the nodes.
There is one for the three chains I’ve chosen.

Spreading across chains is:

  • good because we can address different group of traders
  • bad because it complexifies the already complex amount of different HOPR tokens by adding even more wrapped tokens ==> we should not have too many

Actual proposal

  • 33% on PancakeSwap in HOPR/DAI HOPR/BNB Pair. We should ask for a HOPR/DAI CAKE Farm to incentivize adding liquidity
  • 33% on HoneySwap with xHOPR/xDAI Pair.
  • 34% on Uniswap v3 with HOPR/DAI HOPR/ETH Pair.


Why those chains?

We need tokens on:

  • BSC because that’s where new crypto traders are, highest liquidity after Uniswap. Good for marketing. Cheap fee, nice for small transactions.
  • xDAI because that’s where we run our nodes. If we want to incentivize people to run node, we should make it easy for them to do so. Also cheap fee, nice for small transaction, same as PCS.
  • ETH Mainnet, UniV3 has amazing slippage algorithm. Ideal for whales. It is the native Chain for the HOPR token. And that’s the DEX with the highest liquidity. It’s also where the node will ideally be run in the future I suppose, if everything goes well with the PoS update.

Of course, the crypto world moves fast, so maybe in a few months BSC will be overthrown by Polygon/Solana or whatnot.
But that’s not the point here, we can’t predict the future. We can always move the liquidity later.

More than 3 chains will be way too many wrapped tokens to handle.

Why this distribution?

20% of current LP on Uni v3 is enough for low slippage for whales, according to Sebastian (look at conversation in Telegram group).
So 34% on Uni is already more than enough.

We need to support the xDAI chain if we want to incentivize people to run node on it.
So providing significant amount of liquidity is important.

Marketing is equally important, and PCS is currently the place-to-go for newcomers in crypto who can move fast from crypto-newbies meme-fan to solid-foundational projects.

#### Why HOPR/DAI LP?

HOPR runs on xDAI. It is a hint on that. People will wonder why and realize its home is in xDAI. They will need DAI to run node, so we need to incentivize them to have DAI at the same time as providing liquidity.

Why these LPs?

See “EDIT” comment: Proposal: 33% PancakeSwap, 33% HoneySwap, 34% UniV3 - #8 by nicobao


Hi! Thanks for the proposal. I just need to check whether “We should ask for a HOPR/DAI CAKE Farm to incentivize adding liquidity” is in scope here.

I’m not immediately clear what the process would be for this, but I’m guessing this is something the DAO would have to instruct the HOPR Association to do. I’ll talk to the team and get back to you.


@thewanderingeditor I think it goes like this:

  • you ask PCS that you want in
  • they accept
  • you provide LP in HOPR-DAI
  • they create a Farm where you can earn CAKE from your LP
  • they incentivize people to add LP
  • they create a Pool where you earn HOPR from CAKE

I think the last one is problematic, because it means we need to provide a specific amount of HOPR supply for CAKE holder to mine. It is probably unecessary and would constitute another vote, as you suggested.

As a result, I remove the sentence from my proposal.


Does DAI currently exist on BSC? Even if it does, I wonder how many people using BSC are familiar with it, it is a less technical crowd and they are more accustomed to Busd of Bnb as pairs. Having a new one (DAI) might scare people off?


DAI already exists on PancakeSwap. There are existing DAI-BUSD pair and others, available in the Farm with $CAKE rewards. You can trade BUSD → HOPR anyway using the PancakeSwap Router which will do BUSD → DAI → HOPR under the hood.

Crypto newbies won’t even notice it is a HOPR/DAI pair when trading BUSD to HOPR.


If we were to apply for a HOPR Farm & Pool with $CAKE reward in the future, then your comment will make sense, as newcomers will probably be more comfortable providing liquidity in BNB/HOPR or BUSD/HOPR than DAI/HOPR.

But that’s not what is at stake here.

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It also works in DAI → BUSD → HOPR
BUSD is preferred on Binance Smart Chain.
Surely there are users in BSC who do not even understand what DAI is.

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Yea, but they need to if we want them to run a node on xDai later…
Let’s not underestimate PCS users here…
Things happening in BSC is pretty wild, so you need to learn quickly to survive haha.
If we provide liquidity in HOPR/DAI, they won’t even see the difference anyway. They will just be able to buy and sell HOPR on BSC. There will be no farm and no pool, it is not what is being discussed here.

EDIT: following discussions, many people seems to prefer pairing HOPR with a token more native to BSC rather than BNB.
Besides, I took inspiration from this proposal Proposal: 🌑 50% hopr/eth (uni), 20% hopr/bnb (pancake), 10% hopr/sol (raydium), 20% hopr/xdai (honey) - #7 by monadnoc to suggest other pairs

The initial post has been edited and the final solution is:

  • 33% on PancakeSwap V2 in HOPR/BNB Pair.
  • 33% on HoneySwap with xHOPR/xDAI Pair.
  • 34% on Uniswap v3 with HOPR/ETH Pair.

I didn’t specify Uni v3 price range and fee tiers in last proposal.
This is my final proposal:

  • 33% on PancakeSwap V2 in HOPR/BNB Pair.
  • 33% on HoneySwap with xHOPR/xDAI Pair.
  • 34% on Uniswap v3 with HOPR/ETH Pair (Unlimited price range, standard 0.3% fee tier).

Hi. I just want to check that there isn’t an error in your proposal. Your edited comment says “EDIT: following discussions, many people seems to prefer pairing HOPR with a token more native to BSC rather than BNB.”

But then you proposed a HOPR/BNB pair anyway. It feels like either the pairing is wrong, or that BNB in the edit should have said “DAI”


Hi. Yes there is an error. It should say instead of DAI. It used to be DAI. I noticed the mistake but I cannot edit the message.

Important info is that HOPR/BNB is the right pair I wanna propose.


How will it work? If all cryptocurrencies (ETH, BNB and HOPR) collapse, for example, by x10, will 66% of the DAO fund decrease by x10 from the current $ equivalent?


Thanks! I’ll look into why the editing function seems to be time limited. We do want to prevent edits to official proposals, but people should be able to edit previous discussion posts.


It’s impermanent loss.

Impermanent loss doesn’t matter much for HOPR Association because they are supposed to provide liquidity as a service, kind of forever, not benefit from it.

However, if they provide liquidity in a certain pair, then there is often a liquidity providing incentive for holders to provide liquidity in that same pair. Holder care about Impermanent Loss.

The less difference in price you have between the two pairs, the better: less impermanent loss.
We expect HOPR to moon together with the rest of the market, at some point. So it is better to couple it with a strong coin that will likely appreciate too, like ETH or BNB. DAI is a stablecoin so if HOPR increases, impermanent loss will be crazy.

Hence the proposal I suggest.
It gives us the choice to provide liquidity with DAI stablecoin on HoneySwap or more volatile assets on other DEX. More variety of options to manage our risk.


Great, any reason to keep the proposal as pending?

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No that’s perfect. I’ve added this proposal to the official list here: PROPOSAL #5: 33% BSC, 33% xDAI, 34% ETH Mainnet - #2


Moving liquidity to HoneySwap is not a good idea. It will definitely dump the price. We will face the wall of sales from betatesters and there will be nobody to buy those tokens back. The only thing that keeps wxhopr to get dumped is expensive bridge to ETH network. We need to hold these tokens on xdai chain
We can move liquidity there as soon as we need wxhopr for nodes but not now.

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Why would Genesis DAO people sell the token now when it’s at it’s all time low, and just before the fun begins? Short term I have no doubt PancakeSwap HoneySwap or CEX might be a pump and dump, but long term you gain visibility and you allow people to get on a node and use the token! That’s bullish.

Right now token is dumping without HoneySwap liquidity :/


there is no purpose of wxhopr right now. The only thing you can do with it is convert into erc-20 token or sell on honeyswap. High bridge price is holding wxhopr token holders from selling on Uniswap. Please don’t forget that they bought wxhopr at price 5c/token and they will be happy to collect their profit.

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They will do it anyway at some point and that’s fine, don’t you think?

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