Proposal 35% Pancake swap, 15% Uniswap; 50% withheld for future devs

So far I see a lot of proposals to utilize all the genesis funds by providing liquidity across the main dex’s. I would point out that development in crypto has never been higher. There are tonnes of new innovative blockchains being developed as we speak. Who knows what the future holds! Perhaps it would be wise as a community not to immediately utilize all the genesis funds.


  • 35% pancake swap
  • 15% uniswap
  • 50% withheld for future liquidity events / providers

I would like to see more liquidity provided to pancake swap as I believe the eth fees right now are outrageous until eth introduces a scaling soloution. With future liquidity providers theres tonnes of innovative things going on in crypto right, holding some hopr in reserve is smart. For example HTR are working on gasless swaps - if/when eth functionaility was added I would love to be able to trade hopr here.

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Nice, but won’t pass. We have eth-maxis here (or people stucked in 2017)


Thanks for the proposal. My feeling is this isn’t going to be in scope, but let’s explore it a bit more.

What do you mean by this, for example:

  • 50% withheld for future liquidity events / providers

We’d need more details on what these future liquidity events / providers could be. I appreciate this is difficult, because they’re by definition unknown at this point, but at the very least we’d need some stipulation of when and how a decision would be made on this.

But, more fundamentally, where would this 50% be held?

My main point is there is so much development going on in the crypto space right now that it would be wise not to allocate all the genesis funds immediately- keep some dry powder so to say. Furthermore the rate of development is increasing in the crypto space. in 6 months time there could be a dex ( or something we have not considered) available which would be a better use of funds.

Where it would be held I dont know! Where it is right now maybe! :slight_smile:

Understood. I’m afraid I can’t mark this as a valid proposal without more information, but I’m happy to leave this up as a topic for further general
discussion or as an opportunity for you or others to flesh out this proposal.

The decision the DAO makes will not necessarily be set in stone forever. We can always discuss moving liquidity somewhere else if something new pops up later on. This will be necessary in any case anyway as the crypto world is bound to change in many ways.

In particular, if by “withheld” you mean that part of the liquidity should not be put on any exchange at all, then I’m strongly against. That seems like a waste. Even if we expect to move some liquidity to an unknown future chain/exchange at some point, it still makes sense to put it to good use already now, while we wait until that day arrives.