Proposal: 4 Chains 4 DEXs

I feel that this is a very practical plan to start with and having USDT and ETH pairs now especial on Uniwsap would be a good idea.

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I like this plan too, the only thing that first comes to mind is that I would perhaps go with Thorchain instead of Polygon. The liquidity on Polygon right now is high, but I wonder how long it will remain at high levels for. Thorchain is fairly new, but it’s proposition is compelling, and early results/progress seems good.
It puzzles me why this option/chain hasn’t been mentioned yet actually; am I missing something obvious that means it’s not a viable option?

  • Ethereum Uniswap v2 5% + Uniswap V3 25% in the HOPR-DAI pair** .
  • xDAI Honeyswap 20% in the HOPR-xDAI pair .
  • BSC Pancakeswap 20% in the HOPR-DAI pair .
  • Polygon Quickswap 15% in the HOPR-DAI pair .
  • Thorchain 15% in the HOPR-DAI pair .

I am ready to support this proposal if the proportions are changed:

Uni 40%
Pancekswap - 40%
Honeyswap -10%
Polygon - 10%

I propose to replace the last item (Polygon) with ZKSwap (ZKSwap Trade Volume, Trade Pairs, and Info | CoinGecko), on this site you can trade with zero commission (this will add opportunities for users with small amounts to connect to the project) and it is not necessary to do more one bridge. Add a classic pair of USTD / HOPR (20%)

I have checked pairs with $4-5M of liquidity (20% of the current HOPR liquidity) and an order of $50K moves the price around 2.5%. I think that’s enough for sidechain exchanges but I wouldn’t use less liquidity than that (20%).

The idea of including Polygon is just to reach more users.

Hi again. Sorry for the inconvenience, but looking further into Uni v3, there are some important parameters which need to be specified. I’ve written briefly about them here.

I’ve therefore had to move this proposal back to being incomplete.

I can’t edit the post, do I need to make the modifications and publish it again?

Yes, sorry, we disabled edits on official proposals to avoid issues like someone getting a lot of likes and then changing some important details.

You can either edit the top post in this thread to add the missing details or make a new post. Thanks.

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I have edited my proposal (I couldn’t edit the first two posts), the new one is available here: Proposal: 4 Chains 4 DEXs - #13 by iicc

Thanks for the updates. The proposal has been reinstated here: PROPOSAL #1: 4 Chains 4 DEXs

I’m not sure why you couldn’t edit the top posts any more. Maybe the forum already locks editing after a while. That would be helpful.

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Ethereum Uniswap v2 40% in the HOPR-DAI pair.
xDAI Honeyswap 20% in the HOPR-xDAI pair.
BSC Pancakeswap 30% in the HOPR-BNB pair. HOPR-BNB pair seems to be better than HOPR-DAI pair
Polygon or Polkadot or Solana 10% in the HOPR-?? pair. other chain and chains base pair.

Just an idea, why not divvy 25% to each DEX for equal weight amongst the chains?
Or maybe have a trial release period where 50% of the total funds go out to the 4 DEXs (12.5% each initially). Then after a week (or other predetermined amount of time) the remaining funds are dispersed to the chains/DEXs proportionate to their user demand for hopr. That way liquidity goes where it needs to and the markets will correct it.
It could also be 80% to the 4 DEXs initially then after the sample period the remaining 20% is proportionally disbursed.


maybe solana good too

I like the idea but I don’t see avalanche. With sushi swap on avalanche soon, I think avalanche should get some liquidity too. Saying that, not sure about a working bridge.

I tried to structurize the approach and make it simpler and less chaotic. I used most popular options to create a poll. Check it out: Discussion Stage: 1st Substage (Selecting DEXs and Networks)

What i want to add is decrease xdai to 10 percent or 5 percent. For smaller purchases it can be used. I dont think we should put liq on eth sidechain so dex’s on polkadot will be better if theres any. However with massive user base and low fees for now bsc will be a good move for hopr to increase recognition level. but we should watch out for price fluctuations.

Also change liq levels according to volume every year.

We dont want to list everywhere to mot loosing track. Uniswap and 1 low fee dex is enough for now.

What i propose is;

5% xdai honey
60% uniswap
35% bsc~adding high liq prevent pumps and dumps

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Your proposal is good. Have you considered another DEX instead of Polygon Quickswap such as Raydium DEX on solana?(as I described in my proposal).
It has a higher rating and possibly more potential in the future.

nice, we need honeyswap for swapping a small amount of tokens with low commissions and good support from liquidity!!

I totally agree with that opinion. HOPR-DAI pair is the most hard-headed answer in a lot of pools. And it let more newbies to use hoprfarm :)