Proposal: 40% Uniswap, 40% PancakeSwap, 10% Honeyswap and 10% Polkaswap


Here is my proposal for distributing the liquidity that is currently on Uniswap.

  1. 40% on Uniswap.

It has the largest daily trades of all DEXes and we already run the LP rewards programme.
EDIT: I would propose price from 0.3$ to 1.5$ with the fee of 0.3%

  1. 40% to PancakeSwap

I am not a fan of BSC and with the current price of BNB the trading fees are not that cheap anymore, but they are cheaper than on ETH.

The benefit would be that the daily volume of trade in HOPR could increase. Also, many proposals included this exchange so it should be included to respect the will of the community.

  1. 10% to current pool on Honeyswap.

As far as I know the current version of HOPR nodes runs on xDAI and I haven’t seen any announcement that that will change. As long as the current gas fees on ETH are so high it should not because it would be more expensive to send HOPRs needed to run the node that those HOPRs would cost. That is important because people will not use HOPR if it is too expensive and the price of HOPR will rise as the usage grows.

From what I have seen the liquidity of the pool on Honeyswap is very low. There is only around 10 000$ worth of tokens there. If we want the number of nodes to grow we must provide the liquidity there.

If the team switches the network for running HOPR than I would abandon this part.

  1. 10% to Polkaswap (PSWAP)

It is a new DEX on Polkadot and has an operational bridge for ETH. It has only started recently but they are adding new tokens all the time. They claim that they will enable swaps with tokens from other blockchains.

The benefit would be lower fees on DOT chain than on ETH and exposure to money on the DOT.

There is also project on DOT called Moonbeam that claims that they offer seamless transfer of projects written on ETH to DOT. If the fees on EHT do not get lower this could be a solution for running the HOPR nodes.


Hi @noone. Thanks for this proposal. I’ve marked it as incomplete for now. Please see the extended validity requirements for Uniswap here: Uni V3 Validity requirements

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. I have edited the proposal and hope it qualifies now.

Thanks. I’m just confirming whether Polkaswap meets the extra requirements explained here. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Tuesday Update: New Bridging and Multi-Sig Validity Requirements

Hi @noone. We were unable to confirm whether Polkaswap is a possibility, although we think it’s likely. Therefore, we’d like you to specify what you’d do with the liquidity if it turns out we can’t migrate there securely.

More information can be found here: Thursday Late-Night Update: Avalanche, Polkadot and Uni v3

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