Proposal: %50 Terra %50 Solana

I recommend that HOPR liquidity be distributed between two rising chain Terra and Solana networks both rising and has low transaction fees.

As you have observed, HOPR investors continue to HODL and have proven their loyalty. I think it would be the best reward for the HOPR investors to get some earnings for that loyalty.

I think that, in order to make HOPR more visible, it will allow more people to meet with HOPR, especially with Terra, whose projects make a strong impression, and Solana, who has not made a move yet.

This is my HOPR liquidity distribution that I recommend:

** 50% in HOPR-LUNA pair **
** 50% to HOPR-SOL pair **
I think the provision of liquidity will enable HOPR to reach its deserved place in a shorter time.

Hi. I’ve marked this as incomplete for now. Can you expand this with some more detail of what you propose? In particular, the text of the proposal, ignoring the title, should contain all the information needed for implementation.

you can read new proposal above. i changed the text.

Thanks! We’re just going to look into these chains/DEXs to see if there are any additional specification requirements. I’ll consult with the team Monday morning and get back to you ASAP.

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thanks for your interest. i am really no information about spesifications

I’m afraid our research into Solana has shown that it’s not currently secure enough for the DAO to move liquidity there. This was confirmed by the Solana team when we explained what we’d need in terms of multi-sig capability. Hopefully we can revisit this chain in future, but for now I’m going to have to mark this as invalid.

More info here: Thursday Morning Update: Solana, Avalanche, Polygon validity news

no problem. i wish we can coorparate at least with Terra later. take care