PROPOSAL #7: 35% Uni, 35% BSC (only till end of 2021) plus 30% on Honey+Quickswap

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No matter what we think of the Binance smart chain, it’s the king of this bull market, with it’s daily volume being much higher than Uni at times, however it is not likely to last due to it’s centralization. My proposal is to leave 35% of the HOPR-DAI liquidity on Uniswap. The other 35% of all liquidity should be deposited in a form of HOPR-BNB pair on Pancake swap but not locked of anything - let’s say till year’s end, when most people suspect the bull run will be coming to an end. These 2 dexes will be then retaining 70% of total liquidity.

As the fees on the ethereum network are too high for many ppl to do any transactions there, it seems like layer 2 solutions / side chains will be stealing the show in the near future, at least until Ethereum 2.0 comes and solves the gas issue. Therefore the remaining 30% of all liquidity I propose to split 50:50 between two other dexes: Honeyswap and Quickswap. Honeyswap is very much relevant to where the HOPR tokens are being used now, the xDai chain, and Quickswap is on Polygon, a L2 that’s quickly gaining popularity and attracting the biggest players in Defi.

After the year’s end, we would once again debate and decide what to do with the 35% of liquidity deposited on Pancakeswap. We could either vote to leave it there longer or perhaps move it to increase the LP pools on other existing or new dexes.

To summarize:

1. 35% stays on Uniswap (35% of the liquidity would stay on UniV2 until the rewards to liquidity providers end, then we would move to UniV3 with 0.30% trading fee)

2. 35% gets converted into HOPR-BNB and goes to Pancakeswap (BSC) for the next 7 months, at which point there would be another vote

3. 15% of HOPR-DAI goes to Honeyswap (xDAI Chain)

4. 15% of HOPR-DAI goes to Quickswap (Polygon)


This proposal did not reach the 3% support threshold to advance to the referendum stage, so it has been removed from the official list. It will remain on the forum for archive purposes and to allow proper calculation of DAO incentives.