Proposal #7: HOPR as a basis for smart home services

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The collaboration with Sedimentum shows how use cases that are already extremely privacy-conscious still disclose metadata. The context is particularly interesting: sensors in the home. Smart Home in a broader sense increases more and more a households’ inclusiveness, safety, resilience, and sustainability. With COVID-19 and the work-from-home trend, connectivity at home has increased even faster.

From the literature (see e.g. Investigating People’s Privacy Risk Perception) it is clear that privacy risks are the most relevant risks at home. They also lead to lower acceptance of the technology.

From a technological perspective, it is exciting that the big players are agreeing on standards (see e.g. Matter: Neuer Smart-Home-Standard von Apple, Amazon, Google und Co.).

It would therefore be worthwhile for HOPR to design a framework that enables metadata from smart homes to be sent securely over the Internet - on the basis of common standards (especially upload/download to the cloud). I think that the topic is relevant far beyond the MedTech use case with Sedimentum. Smart homes also address security needs (security cameras, motion activities) or enable automation in everyday life (presence times at home). Very sensitive information is hidden everywhere. The fact that this information comes from one’ own home reinforces the privacy effect.

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