PROPOSAL 7: Local Community Funds

One of HOPR’s greatest assets is its network of ambassadors and dedicated regional community channels. Since launch, our communities have spearheaded dozens of local events, not to mention the constant stream of translations, and other contributions. We’d love to find a way to boost this and encourage even more great events and content tailored to local crypto and privacy enthusiasts.

This proposal would establish a fund for each local community, overseen by the ambassadors for that community. The HOPR tokens should be used to grow the community and awareness of HOPR in each region, however the community sees fit.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT intended as an airdrop or as a supplement to ambassador salaries. These funds would provide funding for tangible initiatives to grow HOPR communities regionally.


Thanks for the idea, it sounds interesting

Investing in the growth of the community is a good idea.

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this is a great idea. i’m based in Mexico City and would be glad to initiate an event here.


CDMX seems to have a great base of Devs, but we’re lacking MX community on TG and in general. Our Spanish channels & video didn’t really crash it - so we would be happy if you would support us in growing in CDMX & MX overall.

Absolutely. I would be happy to do so. I have a loose network of friends and associates who are into crypto here. So I could create a channel that would serve the local community here, and in Mexico in general. Do you think creating a channel would serve that interest best? Or what other things could we do to spread the word?

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I think we could use the larger community we already have and incentivize them to go build their local communities with HOPR support. I still feel maybe we are not far enough along in the project to attract bigger adoption though, we only really have die hard fans of HOPR mission as the bulk of the community, just look at how much HOPR is being staked to see that. I dont think this proposal is better than others that have been presented.

Thank you very much for this awesome offer @omegafattyasses
Our Head Ambassador will contact you today :slight_smile:

I like it, it supports there community and it’s not focused on greed or price, this is the kinda thinking we need.

This is a good idea. Because local communities know better the interests and demands of their regions. In this way, there can be different activities for each audience.

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I support this idea. Do we have a guideline for building local communities ? How should local communities function ?

Quick question, (maybe I should research on me own first but sorry I am pretty busy these days) would these communities/networks be based on geographic location or language? Is there a channel specific to the United States for example or would these folks just follow the english channel which could be any english speaking person, country, etc.? I am in the U.S. and would entertain the idea of heading up a U.S. based community if that would be useful and does not already exist.