PROPOSAL 8: Do nothing

Crypto moves so fast, it’s impossible to tell what’s coming round the next corner. Choosing this proposal would reserve some of the budget for future opportunities, to be determined via a later DAO vote.

The HOPR Association doesn’t recommend this proposal, but to ensure we’re offering a wide range of governance opportunities, it’s important to also include the possibility to wait and see.


doing nothing is a bad idea. so it is impossible to achieve anything and come to something new. we need development. I don’t think a person in their right mind will vote for this proposal

Yes, the Association doesn’t recommend this one. We just included it out of fairness / completeness. I would point out though that voting for this wouldn’t mean doing completely nothing. Because FOUR proposals will be implemented, it would mean holding back 10-40% of the pot of money, depending on where it ranked.


Yes, this could be an option. This does not stop the distribution of the rest of the hopr tokens as well as putting the DAI to good use. I am in support of using DAI to maintain the current base as well as expand; while being very careful when it comes to spending hopr. That is why, I am fine with this option, along with others that promote building use cases and strengthening the infrastructure.

It seems to me that this is not the best idea, it is better to use tokens somewhere

Seems like a bad idea at this phase.

When the crypto old guard talk about projects, and where to invest, they typically look for new exciting projects, with an actual product. HOPR is both of those things, but there is only limited time before it will be considered outdated due to the speed of the space. Doing nothing IMO would only ruin the project and be a sad loss to Metadata privacy.

This proposal should only be considered if there is no meaningful return for the use of the tokens right now. That would be bad given HOPR is still in the early morning phase and there should be a lot to do with the tokens to help its growth and relevance.

Thank you for your comments; good points. My understanding of this proposal is that it is not “do nothing” at all; it is “do nothing currently with a portion of the hopr portion of the tokens that can be used in future proposals”. So, I totally agree with all you said: we should innovate and actively work to improve the ecosystem and onboard talent and resources to it, and spread the good word. Use the DAI tokens and the hopr tokens to support all that. If all proposals are great and we have a very clear idea about what needs to be done NOW, then use all the tokens. If some areas are a bit gray currently, I think it is wise to keep some of those tokens and (not forget them) take some time to analyze how the proposals roll out and to complement or supplement with a new solid proposal to use those temporarily-held tokens. On the other hand, as I have mentioned elsewhere, I recommend being very cautious when it comes to distributing hopr token. If not done properly, you are just throwing tokens to be sold and to drive price down to oblivion. That is where I am coming from; I hope this helps clarify things a bit.

I think the amount of money we are talking about ‘holding back’ is quite insignificant, based on four other projects potentially getting funded. I would not endorse this, and rather push all the funds into the top proposals to stimulate action of some kind that could raise the awareness of, or increase the network effect of HOPR.

Nobody knows what the cryptocurrency market will look like in a month or a year. However, the main principle of capital investment is that money must work, otherwise it simply burns out.

Right. What is the point if you can’t get benefits from the money we have (whether it’s fiat or crypto). We need to invest it somewhere to gain profit.

Funny thing is that I agree with all of you. The one thing I will say is that there is a reason you said “…invest it somewhere to gain profit.” If it were immediately clear where one should invest, you may have mentioned it. And just to be clear, I am sure saying “somewhere” does not mean you don’t have some idea about where money could be invested. It is just that you need to weigh pros and cons and then invest. Otherwise, why not buy dogecoin or something, if the idea is to just “do something”. If only for the time it takes to weigh pros and cons, it may be more prudent to hold on to the money for those extra milliseconds; I mean we are not talking a long time here - I hope :slight_smile: