Proposal - A Sign of Respect

I really like the Hopr project, the team and everything they do. They already showed that they really life the DAO spirit. The token launch was executed exactly as the DAO decided. Without hesitation despite the team wasn’t happy with all the decisions made. After seeing the discussion and moderation here for the last days I don’t have the slightest doubt they will do the same again for this decision.

In my opinion the project is in an important and dangerous phase right now. Price is falling since launch and people in Telegram get more and more unpleasant. I think the wrong decision in the current situation could really harm the future of the project.

Sometimes it’s painful to see how much trash and complaints are written in Telegram or elsewhere. A look on GitHub or getting replies almost 24/7 shows how hard the team is working. Looks like unhealthy working hours sometimes. If I try to imagine working so hard and still reading messages about Hopr being a shitcoin or a lack of marketing I wouldn’t blame them if they lose a bit of motivation.

I propose to show all of them the respect that they deserve and to show them that we fully support them and their decisions.

My proposal is to give the team of Hopr the full decision power for this first DAO. Let @SCBuergel and the Hopr team decide the next step. Which DEXs, which distribution…their call for 100% of the liquidity.


I agree. The price is falling, people are throwing mud. But that’s not good. There is no finished product yet, it makes no sense to spend money on marketing.
Before voting, I’d like to know the team’s opinion, preferably with the numbers and statistics.
Many do not fully understand the technical aspects. And there is little time to figure it out.

I think it could work. But I think it’s mandatory to know the position of the Hopr team before the final vote.

I think it’s one of the edge cases mentioned. But if it’s a valid proposal it could maybe look like this:

  • proposal gets over 25% here
  • team describes favorite approach on Snapshot before the final vote.

Thanks for these kind words! This isn’t really in scope as we believe strongly in the DAO, and also we really do believe that the community will reach a better decision than we would internally on this topic.

But I agree with the replies here that it’s useful to know the HOPR Association’s opinion on some of the issues involved here. I plan to share something later today, which hopefully will give people a bit more direction when it comes to creating and supporting proposals.


Yes, I agree that if it’s a proposal we need to know the position before voting. But if I understand you correct it’s not a valid proposal.

Looking forward to the information.