Proposal: Add all funds to the current staking pool to increase APY

Greetings HOPRaptors :raised_hand:

“How should the 168,763 DAI generated from the Balancer Liquidity Pool and the Uniswap v2 pool be used?”

My proposal is:

For accumulated DAI - Buy HOPR at exchanges then add amount to reward participants in current staking period.

Increasing APY will attract more people to stake and adds more value for Hopr NFT.


I would want to have higher APY :)
I am strong holder and it’s more interesting to hold longer with higher APY…

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Would it significantly affect the Apy to make difference for attracting new stakers?

I think it would. Even 1% NFT are doing great impact on my staking. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the proposal, @Lastfor ! I’m afraid I’ve marked this one as invalid. I don’t think what you propose is actually possible.

The APY for stakers is determined by how many NFTs they earn, not the amount of tokens in the contract. We also have a very sizable allocation on the HOPR Association side to fund this, so this wouldn’t actually be adding anything there.

I think you have identified an actual demand for some people (increased APY), and would encourage some more discussion to make a proposal which more directly addresses it.