Proposal: Add more uniswap liquidity!

My proposal is very simple.

Add Dao v0.2 xDai/Hopr tokens to uniswap liquidity.

Remember – the more liquidity we have, the less price impact.

NB! This proposal will not decrease token price, because Dao tokens will not be sold.


Also a good idea, I like it

Just why? There is more than enough liquidity?

Fully disagree with this proposal. There are certainly better things we could do with the money.

You can find stats on the current HOPR-DAI Uniswap liquidity pool here: Uniswap Info

TLDR: it currently contains ~$18m which is split ~50:50 in HOPR and DAI

To be honest I think it would not have such an impact. Hopr/DAI have enought liquidity on Uniswap.

Thanks for the proposal @svd. I’m afraid I’ve marked this as invalid. If I understand you correctly, you propose to use the DAI AND HOPR tokens to provide more liquidity? But since the DAO is voting on how to use those HOPR tokens, there won’t be any left to add (unless the Do Nothing proposal gets some votes, I suppose).

Have I misunderstood?

Yes, you can delete this proposal.

not the right offer. There is already enough liquidity. Price impact is small. Money needs to be spent more efficiently