Proposal: Balancer V2 (50%) - Uniswap V3 (50%)

Distribute liquidity evenly between Balancer V2 and Uniswap paired with a stable coin, for continuity, DAI.

Balancer V2 (50/50) - DAI/HOPR

  • Balancer swaps offsetting gas fees with BAL pay-out. ETH Gas fees are an issue, a Balancer pool would help to solve this.

Uniswap (50/50) - DAI/HOPR

  • Logical choice for providing liquidity.

In summary, Balancer v2 liquidity pools provide significant gas efficiency and default BAL LP mining rewards provide less need for HOPR for liquidity mining.


I would supplement this proposal by distributing equally hopr/dai and hopr/usdt. Lots of people use USDT and don’t use DAI

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I have a separate post on balancer v2. One of the biggest advantages of balancer is that pools don’t need to be 50/50. I recommend a 75:25 HOPR:dai balancer pool on my singular post. Aave uses a 80:20 aave:dai pool for their safety module.

What do you think about 75:25 HOPR/dai?

@Romas USDT to DAI swaps are trivial and basically lossless on curve (for ex. swap interface)

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It’s a good idea but I’d be slightly concerned by the liquidity of a 75:25 pool, maybe closer to 60:40 might be more appropriate, what do you think?

@Lordsnutbox Hi. Thanks for the proposal. I’ve marked it as incomplete for now. Uni v3 has particular validity requirements: Topic-specific Validity Rules - #3 by thewanderingeditor

Yes. This is where the problems begin, since in my opinion Uniswap v3 is more about trading and guessing (assigned range of liquidity = exchange orders). Trying to play on the coin rate may not lead to good. I don’t think you should transfer half of your liquidity to such a risk. Uniswap is needed, but definitely not 50%.