[Proposal] Bridge between Metaverses

Metaverses will eventually draw a large user base. There will be numerous metaverses. I predict a silo effect happening that hinders users from sharing information and/or digital assets between these environments. I would like to see HOPR used as the underlying infrastructure that functions as a privacy bridge between metaverses.

This may be a little too new and arbitrary to give exact specifics on implementation. How to solve a problem that does not exist yet? hmm In the not too distant future, big corporations will be creating their own metaverses. They will be trying to horde their users attention and resources for profit. This seems similar to the Web2 that we are trying to escape. The builders of most metaverses will not have the best interest of their users in mind and it will require some innovation to create cross-metaverse functionality that allows users to bridge their information and digital assets out of one metaverse and into another which could involve a wallet and decentralized storage as an escort type service for example.


I can see why this would be needed for sure.

There was another proposal on metaverse - beyond the NFT privacy issues that we already discussed, I’m curious to learn about further privacy issues in the metaverse!

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Too early in the game to really know how the metaverse landscape(s) will pan out but the momentum here cannot be ignored. Big companies like Nike, Adidas, (dare I say) Meta or Microsoft (M$) are likely not interested in cross-metaverse functionality because they are more interested in retaining the users time and attention for themselves.($$$) Solutions like HOPR can take a piece of that pie by creating that interoperability.


As soon as I here interoperability, Polkadot pops up – I am agreeing completely regarding the silo problem etc.
However, this is also a question of the adapted NFT standard, ETH is unfortunately rather a boomer in this case.
I recommend to read up on the RMRK NFT standard in the polkadot ecosystem.

We probably should coorinate with projects who are building bridges between metaverses, having developed solutions and adding privacy HOPR-layer would be great. Building thing from scratch is very difficult.

Totally agree. Create and nurture partnerships that can build on top of HOPR.

Why not?

That’s an interesting suggestion, but are we really as a human race going to spend the majority of our time on computers, or with VR headsets on and not see the real world with our own eyes. That would be a very sad moment in history IMHO. I get that the Metaverse is good for reviewing things or playing together, but to hopefully not becoming the new world. The privacy link between worlds is a great idea though.

No argument from me @Ian . I’ll be outside on my Mtn Bike while all the kids are turning into slugs. :)

LOL Yes I have two trainee slugs at home, but keep throwing them out into the wide world which they sometimes enjoy!

More than just not being interested, they may also wish to block any moves to increase privacy in the metaverse.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not sure this can be a valid proposal without a lot more specificity. What exactly is the dApp being imagined? It sound like it’s something like an advanced API? What features would it have / need to make it metaverse specific rather than a general purpose API?