Proposal: Buyback Hopr from the market and distribution among the participants of the staking program

by the way, a good remark. it may be worth adding to the proposal that the tokens will be distributed linearly for 3 months, for example. if you think it’s worth doing, please like this post :+1:


we can specify that the distribution of tokens will not be instantaneous, but linear in several months. and as for the growth of the community and the ecosystem, the team has Hopr tokens that are designed for exactly such purposes. in another branch there are excellent suggestions about the distribution of almost 500k Hopr tokens. I think it is not right to offer the same ideas in 2 sections, as many do.


This idea seems to be good however, if I’m not mistaken the question is on how to distribute fees going forward. HOPR staking is a temporary work around for the time being and the final staking application is yet to be build (Do correct me if I’m wrong). Therefore we can distribute it for once. After that what are we going to do? as fees will keep on accumulating after the staking period is concluded. So I guess this idea is sort of incomplete.


yes, you are right, now we are discussing only that part of the profit from placing liquidity in pools that is available at the moment. I think that now it is not worth thinking about what will happen with the next batch. when the time comes to decide their fate, everything can change and the staking program will finally be replaced by cover traffic. and we will get together again and solve this issue together.


Thanks for this, @Aleks. I’ve tagged this as invalid because it doesn’t satisfy the criteria laid out here: UPDATED: PROPOSALS: Making proposals, validity rules and template

Specifically, I’d need to see more information on how it meets the requirement to benefit the medium and long-term growth of the HOPR project.

Part of the last paragraph explains how it wouldn’t be a problem in the short term, but that’s not the same thing.

Perhaps using the template in the linked post would help. The proposal as written is rather unstructured.


Thanks for the update, @Aleks. I’ve added this to this list of official proposals here:

Anyone who would like to support this proposal, please sign it by following that link and clicking the heart (like) button.


very good idea :slight_smile:


I like the buyback idea, for the rest I am neutral.


That’s a great idea!
I wish I could lock the NFTs I forgot to lock.

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good idea

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This is an idea that has a right to exist. But you can improve it. Increase the payment period from 3 months to 6. This is an option)


Good idea about buyback!But it will give us nothing, in start when wallet rubbed hopr(hope everybody know the situation) robbery was with big amount.

I suggest to unite first part of the Proposal 12 with Proposal 9 . In this case Hopr DAO will do a buyback with DAI, and then with 1/6 of that HOPR Proposal 9 can be realized. Proposal 9 needs to be realized with HOPR not DAI. Other projects payed with their own tokens not with stables. mho.

Maybe. But an increase in the blocking period will cause less desire to participate in this initiative. Some people will simply push away a period of 6 months, and the task is to interest them now. By the time of unblocking, i think we will meet the DAO more than once and we can discuss the extension of the initiative. On the other hand, the proposal has already been fixed for voting and you can still support it :hearts: if the extension of the term from 3 to 6 months is not very critical for you. Thank you for your suggestion :handshake:

I do not think this solution is sustainable or helpful in the long run. The long run requires adoption of hopr and adoption comes with a good product/offering.

Every action that brings holders closer to the project is good.

We are not inventing the wheel here, everyone should search among other successful projects what they have done in bringing more investors for their token.

  1. good project
  2. good marketing

I personally hold more than 10k hopr tokens, if I am not seeing a juicy approach from the team, i will search for something better

Good idea

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Should have introduce referral system which we can earn HOPR from referring others to HOPR staking. This can reward us to educate more people about the HOPR.

this is a good idea, but there is a big problem with evaluating the effectiveness of such systems. many have learned how to make hundreds or thousands of multiaccounts. you need to think carefully about how to deal with this. it could be added as a separate item to the vote. although this is part of the influencer activity and falls under another voting section.

My proposal was the same, totally agree with you @Aleks