Proposal - completely anonymous browser on the blockchain

  • My idea is: In most cases, the browser is chosen based on the convenience and speed of operation, but recently the demand for security has been growing. As well as the growing number of users of browsers that have a reputation for being protected. The most famous and popular of them is Tor: a browser and a network that is implemented in a “bulbous way”.
  • What problem(s) it will address: 1. The browser must support all modern Internet technologies, since outdated technologies often carry serious security risks and are unreliable. Therefore, its version must be up to date.
  1. Browser-based VPNs and “incognito mode” can be useful, but you need to understand why exactly. They are sharpened for everyday tasks. To watch a movie on a foreign service - yes, anonymous surfing - no.

  2. You can’t be “a little anonymous”, but with browsers it turns out that way. Companies are willing to use “privacy” as a synonym for security and as a marketing ploy.

Google once said about incognito fashion that “private” does not mean “invisible” and it seems to me that this exhaustively describes the situation with anonymity and privacy on the Internet."

  • Who is the core user group for the dApp: Internet users. To begin with, those who are familiar with blockchain and encryption technologies. After the introduction of cryptocurrencies and projects to the masses of people, the user audience will increase to ordinary computer users.
  • How idea uses / benefits the HOPR protocol: All user requests to the servers and feedback responses will pass through the hopr traffic coverage system, which guarantees their anonymity and not the ability to track
  • What other projects / types of technology will be required for this idea: You will need backend and frontend skills to develop a browser

I think it’s a great idea, but I’m not sure that it’s possible to make a browser based on HOP R - most likely it will be too labor-intensive and not rational

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The idea is great, but there is a Tor browser, for example, it seems to be confidential and also encrypts information.

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I like the idea of a completely anonymous browser out of the box - where there is no need to configure and do anything, and all data will be protected immediately


Good idea, I support

And how will this browser be different about the Torah, for example? It was correctly noted above that, in principle, such browsers already exist

A good idea

It is not very clear whether it is technically possible to implement this on the basis of hopr

This would be worth a portion of the bounty

I agree that this is quite labor-intensive. But I think it could be implemented by third-party developers together with the team.

Yes, but there is another encryption system, which seems to me not so reliable and confidential and has other risks of hacking

Having browser would be great but I think plug-in will make more sense budget-wise.

Maybe you’re right. It’s just that the plugin has much less functionality

Thank you for support

thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It will differ in that it is decentralized and built on the blockchain, which will not allow it to be forged or hacked

not support, competitors too many. One better use Tor Browser for this purpose.

Thank you for your opinion, I wrote a little higher that there is a slightly different application and degree of protection

You probably can imagine how limited market is for this application. We need mass adoption of technology, not private feature for a geek.

Agree. The goal is the massive use of hopr for data transmission. The browser is a slightly different topic.