Proposal: create alternative way of interacting with Hopr Nodes

We need to have additional way of interacting with Hopr Node.
At this moment for sending commands we scan use only Browser, but it’s not always good as we want.
For integration and automatization purposes it’s good to have additional ways of interacting with Node or API’s, for example REST, gRPC.
Additional developers can be attracted with using DAO fund, if core team needs help.


Thanks @sparkus. I’ve tagged this as invalid because I don’t think it could be implemented as written. As a starter, you’d need to provide more information about how “additional developers can be attracted with using DAO fund”.

I guess from the pure tech side this will be available anyways as soon as the party is starting! :star_struck:

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I imagine that if additional developers with appropriate knowledge of API creation needed, then DAO fund can be used to pay them for that work. It’s hard for me to calculate what is the price for this coding task.
Probably 8,000 DAI can be enough to complete this job in 2 months.
As I see the current situation - all needed background is already prepared (Node commands are exists already), and just need to add external interface for the Node to support for example REST API.

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Restate this above with firm numbers, expectations, and dates.

В этом есть логика. :grinning:

A strong API would be amazing, being able to collate data from all nodes would be great.

I run nodes I built myself so I’ve never witnessed the Avado interface but assumed it was more advanced that the standard browser UI given by the DIY method, bit disappointed if that’s the case…

yes, browser controlled node is not user friendly for me, looking forward for new APIs.