PROPOSAL DAI & HOPR: fund more Gitcoin bounties with all the HOPR AND DAI

HOPR needs more developer involved in the implementation of its core protocol and later its SDK so that we can move on to dApps and use-cases. Price will not boom without use-cases, so no need to artificially boost price by marketing.

Ideally, HOPR should thrive to follow the lead of more established open-source projects such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.
We need to attract developers and keep them around an open community outside of the core team.
Gitcoin bounty issues are a good incentive for this purpose.
Right now we have only 4 bounty issues open, with an average reward of ~$250 paid in $HOPR only: Hopr Bounties | Gitcoin
In my opinion, this is not enough.

I suggest the available DAI and HOPR to be distributed as a reward for Gitcoin bounty issues. Some people prefer being paid in stablecoin, other in volatile asset, so no need to buy-back HOPR with DAI.

Ideally, there would be multiple intermediate to advanced difficulty Gitcoin issues affecting the core protocol and implementation as well as SDK development (once we get there). Min rewards should be ~$1000. The goal being to find new core-but-external open-source developer to integrate to the team, keep them interested and involved once they finish their bounty, for the sake of it.