Proposal for failed transactions

Hi all!

Some of us participating in the BLP have experienced failed transactions due to incorrect slippage limit. It is not the first time it occurs during a BLP. Hydra buyers had the same experience, and a proposal was brought forward to refund lost fees ( with a vote.

I understand it is absolutely not HOPR responsibility at all, but I find the refund proposal from Hydra (very) generous, and kinda cool (Yes I had two failed transaction :sweat_smile:). Is it something that could be considered?

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If you knew this bro, why didnt you learn from your experience from hydra? and increase the slippage this time?

Absurb proposal sorry !!

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I did not know. Learning from mistakes, and read more on Hydra afterwards :)

Please is not comparison with bother project, we have being early suppprters converted out funds to Dai but no hopr tokens nor our eth, please look into this complain and worth oo n it, I lost almost &350 eth is a huge some of money to a small investor like me, please :pray::pray::pray:

Supporting. First time dealing with LBP and early token adoption and lost around 50$ on gas getting 0 HOPR tokens as an outcome

Hi all