PROPOSAL: Fund Bug Bounty

In addition to the offer PROPOSAL 6: Bug Bounty: PROPOSAL 6: Bug Bounty

Crypto industry is unsafe sphera, there are constantly hacking, which affect on the loss of funds and reputation of the projects. Since HOPR is planned for security and confidentiality, I propose to organize a fund for the Bug Bounty program, and send most of the funds to it.

Allocation of the Permanent Fund (program) bug bounty search will allow the attracts of the best researchers who will be able to search for errors and vulnerabilities in the project, both within the framework of the Testnets, and within the framework of the Mainnet.

Foundation can be rhane in two types (to choose from):

  1. Place the permanent programs on existing sites
    In this case, the implementation of the program is accomplished by the platform):

Costs: Commissions platform (optional) and renewable researchers.

  1. Develop and maintain their own program Bug Bounty by the Hopr team. In this case, all the implementation and support of the program is carried out by the Hopr team (here it is possible to need an additional staff).

Costs: Personnel Payment and and renewable researchers.

On this initiative, I propose to allocate - 168.763 DAI.
To attract the best researchers to the program and make the Hopr project as the best of security, it is necessary to allocate significant funds.

Good proposal. Definately worth adding it in final vote.

Thanks for the proposal @carambax. I’ve tagged it as incomplete for now, although I don’t think it would be too hard to make it valid with some further discussion. To see the validity requirements, check out this post:

Feel free to use the template there if it helps.

If you have any questions, @jayveq and I are here to help.

@carambax Thanks for the updates. I’ve changed the tag to valid and added this to the official proposal list here:

If anyone would like to support this proposal, please visit that link and click the heart (like) button to sign it.