Proposal: Go with the users, volume and moneyflow: Uniswap V3 30% HOPR-ETH, 20% HOPR-DAI, Pancakeswap V2 30% HOPR-BNB, 20% HOPR-BUSD

I suggest to spread the liquidity where the majority of the action is currently. This allows for a broader base of users, including those sensitive to fees.

The two largest DEXes are Uniswap and Pancakeswap. This is where I propose to put the liquidity mining pools. In order to differentiate between those focused on stablecoin - HOPR liquidity pools and those focused on crypto - HOPR liquiduity pools I also propose to add both a pool with the main crypto (Uniswap ETH and Pancakeswap BNB) and one with stable coin (Uniswap DAI and Pancakeswap BUSD). This supports a broad set of preferences for liquidity providers, without spreading the liquidity to thin.

The final part of my proposal is to have a periodic review of the liquidity programs. Once every 6 months the DAO should be able to vote on the liquidity programs. This is to ensure that changes in the (still young) DEX environment can be accomodated.

I am very interested to hear your comments and/or improvements.


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Hi @Annaredd. Could you formulate this so that the proposal details are in the body of the post, not just the title? Also Uni v3 has some additional requirements, given here: Uni V3 Validity requirements