Proposal: Government Units Correspondence System

The systems used by public institutions when they make official correspondence with their units and other institutions are different and they have compatibility problems with each other.
information flow should be fast and it should be the same platform for all institutions
For example, when the person creates the official letter and submits it to the approval of the superiors, completing the approval process via a wallet such as metamask or any other wallet designed by hopr developers and submitting it to the next supervisor for approval
and then it can be aimed to provide the transmission to the institution or person to be sent.
Thank-you for reading and for your consideration.

Thanks for your proposal @Likaplee - could you give an example of a setting where hiding the sender and/or receiver’s IP address is important in this example? E.g. a setting where the sender should not reveal their location or identity would be super interesting and increase the relevance of this proposal.

I opened the same issue, but I said it so that it can be used in cases where confidentiality is required.