Proposal: Hopr based document management and collaboration system

Secure messaging and document management projects in the corporate market offer solutions to their customers with classical security infrastructures, this is a fast growing market. As far as I know, there is no solution that provides web3-based Hopr protocol level security. Companies want to move their project files related to strategic collaborations that they intend to carry out tender dossier patent studies on multi-layered and high data security platforms. There are hundreds of thousands of companies on our planet that need this type of product and are ready to invest.
I think that a new product working on the hopr protocol with a customizable infrastructure will make a lot of noise.


  • Entering the market with a high-end enterprise web3 application.
  • Awareness in the corporate market.
  • Collaboration and demands with great potential from the global market.
  • Very strong potential references.

Very good idea :clap: :muscle: :+1:



very good idea


Has there been any publicly disclosed exploitation in regards to such use-cases? Would be interesting to read up on this.

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An example of stolen tender files.



That case is more about parties not trusting each other and their document sharing method not being able to prevent wrong sharing.

I don’t see how the HOPR protocol could improve that situation because its geared towards transport-level metadata privacy and doesn’t help on the content-layer if parties don’t trust each other.

E.g. it could be used by a Siemens Energy employee to cover their tracks when accessing the shared documents.


Other than breach of trust “There isn’t much we can do about it and unfortunately the vast majority of exploits stem from that”, I think distributing data using a hopr network, especially between remote locations, would provide a strong layer of security.

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Great use case to promote hopr to companies!

Sounds interesting

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Very true but how do we go about it?

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successful :)

Can you provide more information on what you’re imagining here? It feels like you’re suggesting that the remoteness of the location would expose some crucial metadata that wouldn’t be as revealing if the transfer was happening from somewhere more populated. This feels analogous to the argument for cover traffic, but I don’t see how it relates to you original proposal. As @bot says, that doesn’t do much to circumvent the trust issue (if anything, it makes it worse - if I’m in a remote location, it’s hard for me to steal documents and get away with it. With HOPR it’s easier).

And I don’t see what exploits arise simply from the metadata exposure.

I have been working on blockchain development regularly for the last 3 months. My first attempt was to run hopr on the avalanche network, it was successful, now I decided to show my idea as a demo app. This is the easiest way. :upside_down_face:

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good idea, agree

maybe +

Interesting. I know this is not related to your proposal, but could you explain what you did with Hopr and Avalance specifically?

Basically, we ran the hopr on the avalanche network instead of the gnosis network. I can show you if you message me on Telegram. @tulunoglu

Interesting. I’d also like to try this if you can share a guide. Thanks.

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