[Proposal] HOPR DVPN Miner

HOPR from day has always been in huge favor of decentralization. Instead of writing documentations for node runners on how to install and run their nodes from centralized data centers like AWS, they partnered with AVADO so that everyone can effectively run a node from their own home. Let’s once again use the same core value to fund a HOPR DVPN Miner project. Similarly to Deeper Network, the device will seat between a home router and the subscribed ISP ONT/Modem to provide the end-user/miner the following features:

  • Privacy
  • Earn to Surf (Yes I made that term up :slightly_smiling_face:)
    → Earning HOPR tokens for using the protocol for everyday use like browsing the internet. Token boost for participating for accepting ADs.
  • Cybersecurity Protection (Randsomeware protection, tracking, virus, trojans, etc …)
  • Ad Blocking
  • Parental Controls
  • VPN Client for Mobile Device (Ability to connect to own HOPR DVPN while on the go to stay anonymous)


  • DVPN Provider (Add DVPN Miner to the global pool to accept connections from clients and earn tokens per data sharing)

P.S HOPR Support for MYSTERIUM/SENTINEL and this can be combine. Instead of HOPR start from scratch, they can just partner with one of these companies. Either or I think this would be a great use case for HOPR.

Thanks for your idea @breezytm!

I just commented on this proposal and tried to bring awareness for how one might browse the web more privately using HOPR. These proposals might be quite similar.

Hi, this feels like it could be a valid proposal, but we’d need more information. Please check out the validity guidelines. If and when you’re ready for this to be moderated, please change the post title to include [Proposal]