Proposal: HOPR listing on new exchanges and trading competitions

Team should start trading completions on various exchanges. It will help to grow community.

It includes:
(1) Listing on new exchanges
(2) Trading and deposit competitions on existing and new listed exchanges.
(3) Staking option on Centralized exchanges (if they offer this service).

Q. How this will be beneficial for the community?
This will overall increase the reach of the hopr to a wider community. It Trading competition will advertise the project in a way and it will attract more more people towards the project.
Staking option on exchange will be also helpful as holders will be able to stake it on the exchange directly.

What’s the point in doing a paid listing on major exchanges? If HOPR gets attention, then the centralized exchanges themselves will list and offer partnerships, because it’s in their interest.
There are many examples when such a strategy does not work at all, there is no liquidity on the stock exchange - interest dies out quickly.

No, I am not saying about paid listing. It will not help at all.

Team can (and I think they are already doing it) cantact various reputed exchanges to list. At least on Binance.

Many holders are staking the token right now but we have hopr in a huge quantity that could be used as liquidity.