[Proposal] HOPR Support for MYSTERIUM/SENTINEL

Both Mysterium Network and Sentinel are DVPN providers and I would love to see collaboration and or support for HOPR privacy since it is much needed in the decentralized VPN space for true anonymity

Like the old saying says “Why reinvent the wheel.” Allow me to quote the HOPR team for a second to help me make my point across. “…the core of web3 is composability, being able to mix and match different technologies and services to form a unified whole, rather than trying to build a behemoth which handles everything.” I couldn’t have agreed more with that sentiment. It is evidently clear that users from this platform are in huge favor of a DVPN solution. There are existing web 3.0 decentralized VPN (DVPN) platforms that have already taken over two to three years to get off the ground. They have solved many of the challenges we face today in terms of privacy with traditional VPNs. The only missing components and challenges they continue to face are exactly what the HOPR protocol was designed to solve which is providing full control over privacy, data, and metadata. For these reasons, I would love to see collaboration and/or support for HOPR with these providers since it is much needed in the decentralized VPN space for true anonymity.

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Hi, this feels like it could be a valid proposal, but we’d need a lot more information. Please check out the validity guidelines. If and when you’re ready for this to be moderated, please change the post title to include [Proposal]