Proposal: Hopr team must grow

As the Hopr team, both the developer team and the marketing team for promotion should grow. I think the most important thing is the healthy development of the project, it needs employees. Existing funds should be used to expand the team.


very good idea. i liked that :slight_smile:

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Hoper dose need a good team of devs, marketing, and others. There has to be enough money for them not to leave, and to be able to employ more ppl.

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I think the proposition should target more specific part of the team

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You are right. I give importance to development. The important thing is product quality, the rest is taken care of.


totally agree! If you want a horse to run fast, you must feed it.

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Absolutely correct, good product, widely advertised, horp will thrive

interesting idea

That’s a good idea.
Sure, you could use it that way.

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