Proposal: Hopr team must grow

As the Hopr team, both the developer team and the marketing team for promotion should grow. I think the most important thing is the healthy development of the project, it needs employees. Existing funds should be used to expand the team.
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Using the fund to grow the Hopr development team

The growth of the development team is the most important need for Hopr to move rapidly towards a stronger and higher quality product. In order to quickly implement reasonable feedback from users and seamlessly accelerate the product development process, the hopr team should use the funds available for the development team to grow.


  • We get the easy-to-use fast user interface needed for the Hopr node in less time.

  • We get the tools and documentation needed to enable Hopr to be ported to other networks and adapted quickly.

  • We get the necessary mobile applications faster and without any problems.


Hopr project managers will recruit the employees they need in line with their current roadmaps.


All available funding


very good idea. i liked that :slight_smile:

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Hoper dose need a good team of devs, marketing, and others. There has to be enough money for them not to leave, and to be able to employ more ppl.


I think the proposition should target more specific part of the team

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You are right. I give importance to development. The important thing is product quality, the rest is taken care of.


totally agree! If you want a horse to run fast, you must feed it.


Absolutely correct, good product, widely advertised, horp will thrive

interesting idea

That’s a good idea.
Sure, you could use it that way.


We all love to reduce reality to symbolic names, but Superman has long since gone out of style. Achieving remarkable success is only a team effort. - Steve Jobs

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Dear @tolon
you are right, product quality is important to us, and this needs a great team.
Dear @thuanphammmo
yes you are also right, the second part to succeed is to make ppl aware of the product, and this is very complex in the crypto world.

Thank you for this supportive idea!


I support it! Put it on the development of the ecosystem.

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Therefore @tolon needs to formulate it as a proposal - matching the criteria (see instructions)


I think it would be disrespectful to make detailed suggestions, as I don’t know how the project’s development team is. First of all, I would like the hopr node to have an easy-to-use gui. I’m sure such improvements are available on the roadmap. Apart from that, I want tools to be designed and produced that will make it practical for hopr to work on other networks.
I will rewrite these suggestions accordingly.

Very good proposal, hiring new developers sounds promising!

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I’d like a functional user interface with an inherent self explanatory design. Having someone extra to help get there is a proposal I can support. Clicked the heart.

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I think any idea that will help develop the project is ideal. The important thing is that the team doesn’t just give away a token or sell it to some foundation.

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When I saw the call for the proposals, spending money on the product/team itself was in my opinion the most sustainable way of using the funds. I also think that this proposal is an expression of trust from the users/community/dao for the team that is working on HOPR and shows that we believe in your decision making capabilities.


Thank you so much for summarizing my thoughts perfectly.

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thank you for writing it up <3

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