Proposal: Hopr wallet for browser extension

I think it’s a good idea for a browser wallet or mobile app in the future, it will make it easier for newbies to use and allow for custom functionality.


Hi, I think this is good idea to involve new users from the market.

I think we should start with Xdai/Eth chains and as we move forward we should add other chains when HOPR support is available. It is Important to have a wallet that can operate in all chains as its quite evident that its a pain to have multiple wallets for different chains.


I agree, also would be great to add function for cold wallet storage.

I really like this idea because of the potential to decentralize wallet rpc providers. Could have the wallet connect to nodes instead of something like the default metamask infura

I don’t think that’s necessary

Love the idea! You might have seen me shilling privacy for Ethereum before ;)

I suggest you think about both sides of the wallet-RPC provider connection though. I don’t know if you would want to see those in separate proposals or if wallet and RPC provider are part of this one proposal.


It’s a good idea, but it seems to me that there are already a lot of anonymous wallets now

I support this proposal in the light of recent events, it seems to me a very relevant proposal

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can you give an example like this?

Seems like a good idea.

It is very relevant, after the open display by the HOPR team, of the data that metamask requests from its users. After such criticism, it’s time to offer your secure confidential wallet.

Thanks for the proposal @travisscode. To make it eligible for assessment by the tech team, it would be great if you could add some implementation details as explained in the validity guidelines and as suggested by @SCBuergel

I support the Idea

Интересная идея