Proposal: incentive for community based educational content

Use as rewards for educational articles and videos, helping new people.understand how to use the network, how to stake, run a node, and understand some of the more complex concepts in simpler terms. I believe this would really benefit positive organic community growth.

Thanks for the proposal, @Lumenous I’m afraid I’ve marked this one as invalid for now as we need more information on that.

What kind of educational content do you want to see, who should be responsible/paid to do this? What benefits do you expect for the HOPR ecosystem from this and how should it be facilitated?

You can use this template: UPDATED: PROPOSALS: Making proposals, validity rules and template to specify your proposal and have it match the validity requirements.

@thewanderingeditor and I are around if you have any questions.

educational content would be how to use the network, run a node, and informational videos to make more complex understandings of Hopr network easier to understand for people who are not so much technically inclined. Benefits would be added awareness of the use case of Hopr and really how powerful it is, and why Hopr is important. People to pay for these educational videos would be the community themselves, it would promote self-education for people who are willing and able, and also encourage these people to share this knowledge through incentives. We could do it as a contest. I just believe the more the community is involved the more successfully Hopr will be through not only exposure but also understanding and awareness. @thewanderingeditor