PROPOSAL : Incentivize AVADO Hopr Holders

As the mainnet staking would start soon in Q1 2022, HOPR would need maximum people running a node to build a stable ecosystem.

-To get more people into running a node, HOPR needs to incentivize their AVADO HOPR PC, so people buy it and stake their HOPR to build a stable ecosystem.
-People having Local/AWS resources could still run a node, but these are very less in number.

P.S. Though currently there is an incentive of 50 Hopr tokens on AVADO, they need to incentivize more through locked HOPR tokens (for a year after they were claimed) which in turn would be used for Staking.
Two advantages, tokens locked plus staked :)

In principle I agree but not sure why it is limited to Avado nodes… I run 3 Raspberry Pi nodes I bought and set up myself, it took alot of time and effort just getting them running on xDai, let alone having to do the whole thing again for Polygon.