Proposal: Increase Marketing Team/Advisors

Increase Marketing Team and Resources.

When high profits are made in a business it is important to reinvest the money to keep growing.

Hiring more marketing staff or creating grants that would attract potential investors to use HOPR would be a great way for the business to grow and for the true use cases of HOPR to begin rolling out.

A lot of people keep asking “When Binance?” and “When Coinbase?”

I think the most important thing would be for real world enterprises or organisations to start seeing what HOPR is all about and to gain their interest for future investments.

2 x Marketing Specialists = 80k Dai/Year

1 x HOPR Grant = 40K Dai
2 x HOPR Grant = 50k Dai

The HOPR grants could also be replaced with HOPR advisors. These advisors would dedicate themselves to organisations who are keen to use HOPR.

Example – Medical facility is interested in using HOPR, 1xAdvisor would work exclusively with this facility to ensure a smooth and transparent onboarding or implementation of HOPR.


Thanks for the interesting idea

Thanks for the proposal, @Lukey! For now I’ve marked it as incomplete, as we’d like a little more specification on the usage of the DAI. (Do you want only Marketing Specialists, only HOPR Grants, or both? How would that fit into the budget of allocated DAI?)

It is an interesting idea! Maybe try to specify your reasoning behind it a bit more!

Have a look at our template for reference: UPDATED: PROPOSALS: Making proposals, validity rules and template

@thewanderingeditor and I are also around to answer any questions.

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This is the best idea. To be the best you need to learn from the best. Check out how Binance does it:
1.Constant coin activities with rewards
Invest in a coin, make a larger trader’s volume …

In general, you can make incentives for some of the existing exchanges. Trade competition, or hire an artist, he will draw the NTF and arrange a competition with a prize for these NTF.

Or do some kind of collaboration with a famous person … and the award will be NFT or Hopr

@Lukey Just to expand on @jayveq’s points here, I’m having difficulty making your DAI allocation add up. I think it would be clearer if you specified the cost for EACH item, as well as the total. E.g., 2 x HOPR Grant @ 25k DAI each = 50k DAI, if that’s what you mean.