[Proposal] IoT home security cameras

Super cool idea that I haven’t thought about! Private access to your security cam that doesn’t disclose it. I guess the same can be applied to any sort of alarm system?

Thanks! Yep, there is a wide variety of security devices on the market with similar use-cases.(motion sensors, doorbells, floodlights, cameras, etc.(you can even unlock your front door with your phone from 1000 miles away) There is enormous popularity with these devices but I am afraid people simply do not understand the privacy implications. Like everything HOPR related, public enlightenment and education are possibly the biggest hurdles.

This is a very good idea! I would buy myself a camera like this at home.

I agree with the notion of reducing reliance of service providers for IoT being nice, until they aren’t anymore.

The proposal touches multiple layers though. HOPR doesn’t provide anything in regards to private access to devices. Instead HOPR could be used to shield a user’s access location and patterns to their IoT devices.

Imagine you are checking your security camera from vacation every day. The service provider, and potentially other parties, would see your origin, being away from home and use that information to determine when to enter the house. Through HOPR that access pattern and origin could be masked, making it impossible to determine whether you are away or not, or even determine if its you accessing the device.

Could we also include other iot devices, like baby monitors, door locks, lights, and ai assistants ?

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Home, SmartThings, Google Home, Xiaomi, Acara, etc…
All those smart home applications are vulnerable in terms of data privacy leak especially in matter of remote access. I’ve seen lots of videos where hackers getting access to personal home-built cameras and other devices.

Having Hopr layer will allow us to have secured channel of communication with IOT-devices. Great idea @Emmerson_Biggins.

Well said @Lastfor ! :)

Wow, HOPR with IoT. That would be super cool. I don’t have enough knowledge to understand how HOPR, which is running on a blockchain, can interact with IoT devices and network, which is outside the blockchain, but IoT space is definitely a great place for HOPR.
Helium Ecosystem (https://www.helium.com/) might be also a great place for HOPR.

Great idea!

Nearly every day you hear about IOT devices being compromised. This would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Ha, well said @satopin, You may find this one interesting too! :) Web3 and 5G...let's talk infrastructure

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Thats a great idea, an an engineer there is a real push for smart buildings now and in the future and to be protected by the HOPR protocol would be a massive step. My main concerns with smart building theory is that a hacker can take over the whole building / city if they want to get in. Imagine if an aggressor state took over a whole city including infrastructure remotely, it would be a complete disaster. Very good idea thanks for posting it.

A great idea, you can also apply it to cameras in laptops and smartphones, as many there are worried about privacy

Great addition @BorisSV46

Wow! Great!

Good idea. It will be great if HOPR closes at least some of the problems with IoT devices.

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I like the field of application with smart home. Thanks to @bot who linked my Proposal: HOPR as a basis for smart home services - #10 by bot to your existing one.
Based on that I would see two approaches. One that aims towards one particular security smart home use case and would most probably start with in cooperation with another startup. Or a second one that aims towards the emerging technology standards that I describe in my post.

awesome bro, if it agrees i will vote for it

waw didnt think about it too, liked ofc)