Proposal - KISS - 75% Uniswap V3, 25% Honeyswap

Yeah, sure. Fees aren’t avoidable. Even if the proposal will be marked as valid without describing the exact swaps and routes I still want to have at least an understanding how my proposal can be implemented and don’t want it to be overly complicated. I doubt using a CEX would be an option.

Hey, yes that would work.

Copy of the Original to keep a history linkable:

This isn’t a valid proposal yet. There are a lot of detail questions unanswered (pairs, configuration, …) but I suggest crossing these bridges when we get there.

For now, I want to keep it simple and propose the following split and would like to know your opinion. If some of you think it is a good idea, we can work it into a full proposal.

  • 25% Uniswap V3 on mainnet (because it is #1 in terms of number of users and volume currently - source Dune Analytics)
  • 25% Sushiswap on mainnet (because it is #2 in terms of number of users and volume currently - source Dune Analytics)
  • 25% Honeyswap on xDAI (because HOPR runs on xDAI currently)
  • 25% Pancakeswap on BSC (because even if I’m personally not a big fan I think it could boost HOPRs popularity and that’s more important than my personal preferences)

@Andrew @thewanderingeditor - this proposal is now final. Please let me know if you need further information.

The idea of bridging is really great until users get hit with the realization that everything they do will have a fee involved. As consumers we generally detest owning something then paying to move it somewhere else two more times.

It is also overly complicated that hopr ER777 token must be converted to ER677 to be transmuted into another ER777 token based on the pictorial.

@SCBuergel or someone knowledgeable on the subject, is there a better way to move Eth HOPR into wxHOPR using one movement execution?

We talked about OmniBridge yesterday regarding the bridge between xDAI and BSC. That’s still an option in my eyes if BSC (Pancakeswap for example) is included in the chosen proposal. I removed Pancakeswap from mine. So for this proposal it’ll stay with Hopr, xHopr and wxHopr and the OmniBridge between mainnet and xDai. If I remember correctly the medium article linked earlier describes in more detail why the 3 tokens exist right now.

Thanks @t0b. I’ve added this to the official proposal list here.

Anyone who would like to support this proposal, please sign it there by using the like (heart) function.

Thanks a lot.

All your suggestions look like trying to cheat activity by creating a lot of themes. You can’t decide what you want yourself and just breed a lot of clones in the hope that some of them will fire. You need to leave one sentence and delete all other options, I think. It will be fair and right. There is no desire to discuss the collection of everything in a row. One person is one thoughtful best sentence in his opinion, not fortune-telling

Sorry to read that you are unhappy with my approach. I don’t really get your criticism tbh. You are talking about the update posts I made? I really don’t think these will be incentivized.

The lack of BSC is questionable. BSC is a good entry point. It is a pity that we do not have such a large volume of liquidity, if 3-5% were definitely enough to provide liquidity…

But for variety, the offer is good.

In this list, I would like to see Solana, Matic (Polygon) as well.

I saw Solana and Polygon in other discussions and proposals. Maybe you’ll find something which fits your preference. I won’t change this proposal anymore.

Thanks. I get your doubts regarding BSC. It was long in my list, too and I get it if it stays in other lists/proposals.

I still think getting into Binance smart chain is a good idea. I fill the proposal doesn’t change anything from our current position.

I respect your opinion. For me it changes that there’s enough liquidity on Honeyswap to buy there without fees and directly use these tokens in nodes.

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We need something huge, recognizable and with a large number of users. Maiar will not provide us all of it.

In my opinion a working network with cover traffic will be bigger than any listing in the long run.

Поддерживаю. Нам необходимо только Uniswap V3,Honeyswap
I support. We only need Uniswap V3, Honeyswap

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Спасибо за вашу поддержку. Если вам понравилось предложение, было бы здорово, если бы вы воспользовались функцией like здесь - PROPOSAL #6: KISS - 75% Uniswap V3, 25% Honeyswap