PROPOSAL #6: KISS - 75% Uniswap V3, 25% Honeyswap

[This proposal is from @t0b, who also credits assistance from @monadnoc @MeowMeow23 @Rod7 @monadnoc @Lastfor @usenyavas @bigalex90 @jhettinger79 @silent666 and @Vawevaman. You can read and discuss the original here.

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So my final proposal is:

  • 75% Uniswap V3, DAI/HOPR (0.3% fees and unlimited price range) on mainnet (because it is #1 in terms of number of users and volume currently - source Dune Analytics and it’s a good place to keep the liquidity until another opportunity comes along, Maiar on Elrond e.g.)

  • 25% Honeyswap, wxDAI/xHOPR (because HOPR runs on xDAI currently, fees are basically non existent, people can become node runners more easily)

This proposal evolved over time.

Original: - Proposal - KISS - 75% Uniswap V3, 25% Honeyswap - #43 by t0b
Update 1 - Proposal - KISS - 75% Uniswap V3, 25% Honeyswap - #26 by t0b
Update 2 - Proposal - KISS - 75% Uniswap V3, 25% Honeyswap - #33 by t0b

The base idea was and still is to KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) .

  • so first I devided the liquidity in 4 equal parts - 25% Uniswap V3, 25% Sushiswap, 25% Honeyswap, 25% Pancakeswap.

  • then I dropped Sushiswap which I initialy added for some risk mitigation. I didn’t saw enough benefit for the effort anymore.

  • then I dropped Pancakeswap after a lot of thinking and research. I think that might be the point where most of you disagree. I’m aware that there are many users on Pancakeswap and Hopr is in need of more users and marketing. I just doubt more and more that Pancakeswap is the place to get it (see more about my doubts here - [How to reach BSC/Pancake users?]
    (How to reach BSC/Pancake users?)). I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Pancakeswap in the first place but I tried to be open and were looking for positivity. Without sucess. I don’t like that the Info page is broken, that you need to launch some syrup pool or IFO to get on the default token list, all the scams and shitcoins, the documentation which often repeats “Update coming soon”, the UI, … let’s just say I’m still not a big fan.

I believe a working and growing Hopr network will be the best marketing (even if it needs some patience). I prefer to wait a bit and earn some Hopr by running a node with cover trafic then earning some unsustainable APYs right now in syrup pools with coins like MIX (“Mixie is a NFT which lives on Binance Smart Chain. She is the ChainGuardians superhero designed and created for PancakeSwap.”) or PMON (“Collect Ultra-Rare Digital Monsters”) in the neighboorhood. Call me arrogant but I think Hopr is better than that.