[Proposal] MetaMask HOPR Snap

That’s correct. We could explore using the Fluence Network to deploy the RPC handshake (instead of let’s say, a Cloudflare Worker) so the response payload can be forwarded to the proper node. Heck, if we reach them out, we might be able to do a joint bounty on this.

But a centralized alternative should be also fair game for the time being, and people can deploy this part themselves and replace it in the Settings, or use a public one they can pay for a la API keys (not ideal but hey).

Lets get this one voted through at the next stage!

great idea, i support it

Sounds amazing, please as simple as an on/off switch for this mode. As I mentioned in another proposal, it would be nice if we can incentivize people to hold HOPR via a max amount of network usage (maybe per month) that can be increased with the number of HOPR that a wallet holds.

Really interesting idea.It needs to be put to a vote.

this is an awesome idea and a great need, really supporting that proposal for a vote.

Great idea! I love this idea most, as it also give us a good starting point for GTM strategy. Technical side, if we can modularize the protocol code to make it plug-n-play for any other wallet, will be a super killing app.

Very nice idea.
web3 version of chrome incognito mode

I agree, that’s a great suggestion!

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I hadn’t thought of that, and it’s interesting

Good idea

good idea

This will be a very useful addition

I’m looking forward this plugin since I read this tweet.

I hope this idea works

very interested idea

interesting idea i’d like to see it in test

I agree too

I heard this mechanism for the first time.
It’s very interesting :clap: