Proposal:Metaverse Should be Given Weight!

There are areas that have been rising in crypto from time to time. In the coming process, the Metaverse will come to the fore in this sense. Hopr can come to the fore a lot thanks to the agreements it will make in this area and the applications in its network. It will also attract the attention of more people with a mobile application that also supports them.

I don’t think it’s difficult for the system to work properly in this area. We have already run nodes on testnets and they do not have a heavy system load. Applying this to a user-oriented and data-oriented system such as Metaverse will bring very big differences.

Thank you for the idea @filmoloji89 - could you point to a specific problem where HOPR could help? I see e.g. a problem around NFT privacy but maybe you’re thinking about deeper issues in the metaverse that I’m personally not familiar with.

I wrote that the problem is more related to the load on the systems. Hopr can alleviate this.