Proposal - Node Ecosystem Growth

Thank you for the edit, @nquelhas, it’s almost valid! We’re missing just a little more distinction from your mentioned 80% between the pre-built Hardware nodes and the self built nodes. Which one would you prefer for this proposal and why? (It’s totally viable to include both options, but you should include how big of a part either goes into partnerships like AVADO and/or how big of a part should go to the acceleration of self build node development.)

@jayveq included now extra detail on that split with self build nodes. hope that’s clear enough. let me know what you think

Thanks for the edits @nquelhas. I’ve retagged this as valid and added it to the official list here:

Anyone who supports this post, please follow that link and click the heart (like) button under the post to sign it.

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thanks but why is it showing as unlisted?