Proposal - Node Ecosystem Growth

In order to grow the node ecosystem that is the backbone of hopr, my suggestion is that we use the funds to create partnerships and awareness around node runnning.
I suggest we set partnerships with both VPS and physical node manufacturers. Together the plan is to set up joint selling, discounts, dedicated partner manager, guides on how to run nodes and any other partner program that will help scale the adoption.
For this project to grow it is necessary that the node ecosystem grows as well. onboarding more users in a decentralized way will make sure the project is secure and the right foundations are set for scalability

Implementation and Budget
The split on the DAI spend is open for discussion. However, to better secure decentralisation, it is better to spend a high portion on physical manufacturers partnerships rather than VPS providers

PS: suggestions around what activities we could run for this partner program and also how to split the budget are more than welcome!


an interesting idea, I think many people will be interested

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Thank you for the offer, I think it will be interesting to the community

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Interesting idea, my addition:
Running a hardware node should be made more attractive, as this leads to better decentralization (= less discount for the VPS & more discount for the hardware node).


thanks for the suggestion, definetly makes sense to add that to make sure hardware nodes are prioritized

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Please also check the existing proposal by HOPR Association for this, it’s in the HOPR Token category here: PROPOSAL 3: Grow the HOPR Hardware Node Network


thank you @SCBuergel I saw that one but I believe if that doesnt get chosen for hopr tokens distribution maybe this can get considered for DAI distribution

I agree with you. Marketing is really very important.

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What about self built nodes?

Hi @nquelhas, thanks for the proposal. I’m afraid I’ve marked it as invalid for now, because we’d need to see more details which meet the criteria explained in this post:

I think this proposal could be made valid, it would just require some more details to be specified. Feel free to use the template in that post if it will help. @cryptoartist and I are also around to assist with any questions.

thanks, can I edit this one to make it valid or should I create a new one?

You can do either. In general I think it depends on how big the changes are.

If it would be such a large edit that the discussion in the thread would stop making sense, then I’d recommend a new post. Otherwise I say it’s best to edit and I can just adjust the tags when it becomes valid.

@thewanderingeditor , i’ve edited the proposal now. mostly just to follow the template so i think the comments still make sense to keep that’s why the edit

Can you please give it a double check? thanks!

interesting offer

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Thanks for the update. I’ve changed the tag from invalid to incomplete. I think it’s now clearer why this could benefit HOPR, but I’d still like to see more precise details on implementation and budget before marking it as valid.

There’s still a lot of days’ discussion remaining, so I’d suggest using that time in collaboration with other members to expand on the implementation and budget section, which is still largely undefined.

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Sound good to HOPR ecosystem.

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hi everyone! suggestions around what activities we could run for this partner program and also how to split the budget are more than welcome!

@nelchael great question. to be honest I am not aware if self built nodes will be a possibility and if the team has already discussed that or not.
Perhaps one of the mods can help here. FYI @thewanderingeditor