Proposal: Node have low speed network

Hello everyone, I think we need to create an accelerated work for a node in this network, since now the speed is not very stable and reaches up to 2000ms, so please speed up the work of the node, I also wanted to note that the protection of the node also affects the speed of its operation, so I wanted to solve this problem, thanks.

Thanks for the proposal, @travisscode! I’m afraid I’ve marked this one as invalid.

What exactly are you proposing should be done with the DAI to combat this problem of the low speed network? How should this be addressed? You can use this template: UPDATED: PROPOSALS: Making proposals, validity rules and template to specify your proposal and have it match the validity requirements.

@thewanderingeditor and I are around if you have any questions.

You can use the official documentation, which has a solution to this problem for processing a large number of requests per day, hour, second.

For QuickNode pricing to 1000$ per mounth depends on calls.(Pricing on QuickNode - API and Dedicated Node Pricing)
For Ankr pricing to 800$ per mounth depends on requests.
(Ankr | Pricing)
For pricing to 500$ per mounth depends on requests.
(Pricing |
For AnyBlock Analytics pricing to 500€ per mounth depends on calls.
(Pricing | Anyblock Analytics)
For Pocket pricing to 600$ per mounth depends on calls.

This is an interesting proposal to lower our heavy infrastructure bill. I’d particularly enjoy the Pokt Network option which is actually a “buy once, stake and use forever” pricing model, it is decentralized and works great with the values of HOPR. So I’d suggest to focus this proposal only on Pokt and execute an OTC swap with them.