Proposal:Open HOPR Discord Channel

In fact our community is not growing as fast as expected. I am a HOPR holder from China, and from a community management perspective, more of our information comes from Wechat and Twitter. However, the activity participation of these two platforms is very low, and Wechat is more of a function of information release. In addition to the above two social media, we also have TG as a communication platform, but TG is basically in English, and it is not possible to quickly connect to the translation software, which is why many Chinese users cannot participate. The web version of Discord can use the translation plug-in, which allows users in China to quickly communicate with the community and increases convenience. Secondly, I think the acceptance and user usage of Discord in China is much greater than that of TG. Through this software, users in China can be quickly imported. China is a huge market! At the same time, various tasks can also be posted on Discord to carry out community activities to enhance the activity of the community.Through various role settings, users can actively participate in community activities and improve members’ sense of community belonging.
Therefore, I propose to open the discord channel, which can quickly import users and expand the hopr community!!


Hi. Thanks for this proposal. It isn’t a valid proposal for the DAO experiment, so I’ve moved it to the community category.

We do actually have a Discord channel. I’d suggest you check it out and see if you have any more feedback.