Proposal overview: START HERE

Welcome to the eighth HOPR governance experiment.

The proposals for this eighth governance experiment will be divided into two sections, released in a staggered schedule to avoid information overload. The first set of proposals is available now. The second set will be launched on Thursday 17th August.

Within each section, there will be primary and secondary proposals. The primary proposals are overarching proposals about the topic at hand (basically, should we do this at all?). The secondary proposals relate to follow-up decisions to be made assuming the primary proposal passes. These will all be voted on together during the vote phase, but the secondary proposals will only pass if the associated primary proposal also passes.

The first set of proposals relate to the setup of the new HOPR Community Trust.

This will be a legal entity registered in the British Virgin Islands with a second company established as its trustee. This trustee will be legally obligated to follow the instructions of HOPR token holders, as determined by the HOPR community governance processes. This fact will be enshrined in the deeds of the company.

One major goal of this governance experiment is to establish the rules which this trust will follow. To keep the decision space manageable, the HOPR Association has set out a framework based on our almost three years of governance experiments and data. The primary vote will be to accept this framework. The secondary vote will be to set parameters within this framework, such as voting quorums, process phase lengths, minimum proposal thresholds, etc.

The second set of proposals relates to the establishment of a governance platform to manage the governance of the HOPR Community Trust and beyond.

This would be a separate legal entity from the HOPR Association and the HOPR Community Trust. This to provide additional legal protections and to increase decentralization.

This platform would be used to provide governance throughout the HOPR ecosystem, but would also be a useful tool throughout web3. As such, we increasingly feel that this is an important project worthy of being spun off from the main HOPR Association.

There will be more information about the platform and our thinking next week when the second set of proposals is revealed.