Proposal: Participate / buy a share of another (privacy/ xDAI) project


There are many other decentralized privacy projects that market (or actually go) into the same direction as HOPR. Why don’t we “buy a share” of another project - as traditional companies would do with startups or potential rivals?


There are different reasons for it:

  • partial control and potential upside of other projects
  • potential synergies
  • fundamentally new in terms of that a DAO decides to buy a share of another company / project
  • somewhat it is also a (guerilla / agressive) marketing strategy
  • idea is different to the other ideas in the discussion


Since the idea requires quite a bit of research and coordination, I propose to post a “job” or a bounty that incentivizes a member of the community to

a. research a short list of appropriate projects

  • I would see two options: projects that are based on xDAI (-> Link) or projects of direct rivals of HOPR (-> VPN / Privacy related)

b. organise a vote / poll on the forum (only a vote, since another round of discussion could be quite time consuming)

c. buy the share (in cooperation with the HOPR foundation). If negotiations needed, do the negotiations.

One part of the budget will be used for governance (see Implementation part). The rest of the budget depends on the choosen strategy.

Spontaneously there might be the following:

  • a small pilot (maybe $50k) with the goal to test the approach and gain experience on what the potential benefits / challenges are
  • go all in (full $150k): focus on one project (based on the vote) to get best possible effect
  • buy a rival (full $150k and potentially more): since the goal would, most probably be, to buy a relevant share of the rival more $$ are needed and the greater is the governance / implementation part

Apart from “buy a rival” no HOPR token should not be needed.


Thanks for the proposal, @Ragws13. I’ve tagged this as incomplete for now, because the implementation section seems to be wrong. I guess this was a copy/paste error when using the template?

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I think the proposal is interesting and very different from most others. Could you provide details please? Which project do you want to be invested in and who is executing the negotiations? It’s fine if that’s you but it should be mentioned.


@thewanderingeditor & @SCBuergel thanks for the feedback! I updated the proposal, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Thanks @Ragws13. I’m going to mark this as valid, because it now seems clear what process you envision, despite the unknowns inherent to this kind of proposal.

You can see the proposal in the official list here: PROPOSAL 8: Participate / buy a share of another (privacy/ xDAI) project

To support this proposal, please visit that link and sign the proposal by clicking the heart (like) button.

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