Proposal: Playground to start building solutions on hopr protocol

As the team is fully dedicated and occupied with building out the foundation of the hopr protocol (which makes absolutely sense), I propose to generate a playground (like a sandbox) on top of the layer-0 to enable people around the world to start building their own solutions or at least start playing with what exists as of today.

I think we all agree that the great potential lays on the future use cases of hopr which will bring adaption of the protocol to the masses.
This would be an opportunity for all non-techies to work with developers and provide their know-how to drive hopr forwards.

Build the technical capabilities to enable building and provide guidelines for the people to interact and work with each other.
There could also be incentives for people who build first solutions or lots of community activities (like hackathon etc.) or grouping of virtual teams that work together on cases/challenges.

How much
$50k DAI for the incentives for people to participate.
Maybe someone from the community can add some perspectives in terms of costs for the technical implementation of such a playground.