Proposal: Protect server IPs with Hopr Websites

Like I2P (I2P Anonymous Network), Hopr should support the running of websites where the server IP is hidden by the network. This way, both the client and the server would be protected. Instead of being addressed based on IP, these Hopr sites would be addressed by public key, similar to how blockchain accounts are addressed.

I2P works well as a proof of concept for an anonymous internet but it’s super slow and short-staffed because it lacks the financial incentive structure for people to run nodes. I believe that if Hopr supported public-key addressed websites the concept of a truly private internet would take off because people would no longer have to choose between speed/convenience/reliability and privacy.

Hi! Thanks for the idea. This DAO experiment is now over, but I’ll definitely make sure this is forwarded to the rest of the HOPR team.

Very good idea

@thewanderingeditor where would be a better place to post this?