Proposal: Quickswap -10%, Uniswap v.2 - 50%, Pancakeswap -40% or Uniswap v.2 - 50%, Pancakeswap- 50%. HOPR on Polygon

Quickswap - 10%, Uniswap v.2 -50%, Pancakeswap - 40%.I add a split, because due to the explanation of rules, Polygon is not 100% corresponds for the safe move all funds to it.
If Polygon can’t support what we need, add liquidity to the Pancakeswap. Uniswap v.2 - 50%, Pancakeswap- 50%.
Pancakeswap in my opinion also a good choice to add liquidity, because it has low fees and big support from community and Binance.I also think Polygon is right step in the development and growth of Hopr, because Polygon has very fast growing Ecosystem. Aave and Sushi moves on that chain and has already increased value on Polygon just for a few days. This also has advantages like very low fee,many swaps, tidal is also on Polygon. Synergy Tidal (insurance) + Hopr(privacy)+ Polygon (blockchain+ecosystem) can be blow mind of users.


HOPR has to make a move to layer 2, without a doubt.

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Neither Polygon nor xDAI are real Layer 2.
There are none, as far as I understand. Those are side-chains from ETH Mainnet. Developers chose to run HOPR node on xDAI, I believe it is unecessary at the moment to change that, just because of hype? I don’t know why they chose xDAI over Polygon though, but I wonder what changing really brings to HOPR? You think by operating on Polygon, HOPR token value would increase?

+1 for this for future reference of L2s – only L2 exchange right now is loopring

We need Hopr on L2 Right NOW and Polygon is the best idea to go there :zap:

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I’m afraid I’ve had to mark this as invalid due to the latest rules explained here: Thursday Late-Night Update: Avalanche, Polkadot and Uni v3

There’s no sensible way that this proposal could meet those requirements, as any contingency plan would require a completely new proposal.

I edit my proposal, please check new version. Is it correct?

Almost. You just need to specify what you would do with that 10% if it turns out Polygon can’t support what we need for the DAO. (For example, you might add it to the Uniswap allocation, or the Pancakeswap one, or a split.)

Done. I add it to the Pancakeswap.

I’m afraid the cut-off for completing proposals was Friday at 2pm. Sorry about that. But we’ll have more votes in the coming weeks and months that will be more tailored to the kinds of synergies you want to target.

polygon for hopr. goodidea